Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

The beach, the rocks, the view

Two days ago I walked on the beach. I wanted to see what it would be like to walk on the hard wet sand, because that's what I'll be doing in August, when I do the 5K. I noticed that my feet were bothered. I kept looking at the time, even though the ocean and the shells and the many people were there to distract me. I thought about shoes. I decided I need to get some good ones.

I have to remember that, have to remember to go to Birkenstock's to try on shoes. See if that's the answer.

Yesterday I went up Stoneridge again. This time it was a lot easier, even though I was breathing heavily and thumping my way up and stopping now and then. I didn't have the need to stop and gasp, not like the last time, and that wasn't that long ago. This is what feels good about doing this, that it doesn't take long before my system does feel better, even while I am still fat and still out of shape.

Today I decided to do something new. And I forgot about another promise to myself: to borrow a truck when I intend to check out roads that may not be ideal. Actually, it didn't even occur to me that there would be a problem, from the description I found on the web. To wit:

...Drive the narrow paved road three miles to the Botanical Area. There are several turnouts for parking along Cuesta Ridge Road.. . .

There's nothing in there about the road. About the condition of the road, that is. The road is rutted and has holes the size of lakes, without water. I made my way up it almost desperately, worried about my little car. I scraped the front bumper and hit something under the car. As I continued bumping up I became more worried that I might not be able to turn around and that I would damage Heidi in the process. Finally I came to a broader area that was suitable for parking. I pulled in and got out.

It was so beautiful. Indescribable because it is a 360-degree panorama. I could see San Luis Obispo, parts of the highway, and the lovely mountains and, true to the name "botanical area", lovely natural plants of many rich colors. I walked around, not as much as I had for the last couple of days. I think that my nervousness about driving on this road made me tired when I walked. I took several pictures, including this one of me:

I am wearing the beads attelage made for me. You can't see all of them in this view, unfortunately. But you can see them in her journal, close-up. The turtle! Wonderful. I may take closeups of just that little baby. And the starfish. It is terrific, and I intend to wear it to work tomorrow. Too bad you can't see it better here. I wanted to take the pic here because the background is so lovely, the color of the sky so blue.

On my way down it was a little easier on the car but there is one hole so wide it hit my front bumper again. I passed some cyclists on the way down and thought about going on my bike next time...but no.ooooo....it is too damned steep. If I feel strong enough I can walk it.

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