Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Bob Jones Trail

I hadn't been on the Bob Jones Trail since before it was finished. So yesterday's little trek was a huge delight.

I started at Sycamore Springs, which is a resort that has seen worse days. It is now amazing, the kind of resort I can actually imagine enjoying. Instead of chemical-laden lawns, golf courses, and swimming pools, this resort relies heavily on its natural surroundings. The place started as a hot tub location, offering private tubs set in the woods, filled with water from the underground springs. Like most hot springs, there is a certain amount of sulfur smell, but the last time I used these the experience was really nice and relaxing.

The resort now boasts many private luxury rooms, both at the original hot springs site and across Avila Road, next to the bike trail. Hotel guests walk across a green iron bridge to get to the ones across the road - or they are ferried across in electric carts. In the short time I spent observing the place from outside benches, I saw many many staff members, most of them wearing black vests with red ties, and all of them neat and courteous. The resort offers classes - a pilates class was about to begin when I got there - a gift shop, an upscale restaurant (that has many vegetarian choices, I noticed), and of course many hot tubs, and conference rooms.

I walked across the bridge to get to the bike trail.

As I left the bridge I saw the units on the other side.

When i got closer I saw that one of the many staff members was dusting the cabins.

There are many views of the creek.

The path goes right through the Avila Bay Club, an exclusive club that offers all kinds of recreational activities. Some of those elements could be seen on both sides of the path. There are signs posted all over, saying these are private facilities. Like this playground:

A sign on this playground offers information on directions.

I discovered this cool deli on the way, and later went back to have breakfast here:

And on the way a view of a bench dedicated to Bob Jones. Next to what may be the most beautiful tree on the route.


While at the deli, where I had a delicious breakfast wrap, I went to the bathroom. I noticed there something simple that I wish more commercial bathrooms had. Instead of a counter with sinks set in, there is a table between the two stand-alone sinks. A table like this is much less likely to get wet, so one can put a purse on here or whatever else you happen to be carrying.

I felt like I'd been on vacation.

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