Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Trekking again

I am in worse shape physically than I've been in probably about eight years. This is an opportunity, I like to think. Not just an opportunity to regain that level of fitness I had not so long ago, but also an opportunity to accept who and what I am right now. A dual-pronged effort.

A few days ago I once again committed to putting in at least ten minutes a day in dedicated exercise, however mild. A little walk will do. I figure it I get out for ten I can more easily go for fifteen and so on. It's the habit I need to establish once again.

Today I decided to do the Stoneridge hike. This hike normally takes less than 30 minutes on a slow day, even though it is blessed with quite a nice steep climb at the start. It's just not a very long hike. Today I stopped several times while doing it. On the way up the initial hill my heart began pounding noticeably and I remembered what that is like. It occurred to me that maybe I reached this level of fitness so that I could remember details like this, which I need for my novel. I was gasping, pushing my hand onto my thigh at each step, to catch my breath, stabilize myself. Of course, when the slope leveled off I didn't need to do this any more and could relax a little. The trail has a real bonus in that it offers a wonderful view even after just a few steps. Today it was also very windy, more so as I got further up and away from the shelter of the rock.

Partway up I looked down at the street and couldn't see my car. For a moment I thought, briefly, nervously, that it had been stolen. I thought, what would I do if that happened? Then I remembered that it is difficult to steal a newer car. You can't just rub two wires together and get it to start. The anti-theft devices built in will foil most thieves. I figured the car was hidden behind a rooftop - which it was, of course.

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