Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

strategizing sims

I haven't had any lustful feelings about sims lately, but I have improved my game, so to speak. I have learned the pitfalls of certain situations, like having twins, and ways to get through them reasonably unscathed. I love the University option of just moving new people into a home! No acquaintance necessary. This one option can save a lot of sims, I think. I have yet to get interested in the university itself, but may once I send one of my own teens there. That is, one I have raised from birth.

The creator of the "Legacy" challenge says he came up with the idea in part to follow a family that stays in the same place. So there will be more willingness to let people die eventually. Thinking about this has made me more interested in keeping some sims at home, or sending them back home after they graduate from college, to keep the home going with the same family. Rather than moving them into new homes, that is.

If I could only get these sims to sort my papers I would be truly happy.

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