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May 15, 2005

Monumental Racist-Sexist Gaffe Slated for Early 2006

Mexican President Vicente Fox and Harvard University President Lawrence Summers today announced ambitious plans to collaborate on what they called "the most insulting remark ever made by a public figure."

In a ceremony in Mexico City, the two presidents shook hands on an historic agreement to work together to create a "monumentally ill-considered gaffe that will offend all races, religions, nationalities and sexes" for release in early 2006.

Mr. Fox, who insulted both Mexicans and American blacks in a comment made Friday, and Mr. Summers, who outraged women with remarks made earlier this
year, appeared ebullient at the prospect of working together to offend everyone on the planet.

"We have been big fans of each other's work for a long, long time," President Fox said.  "To finally be able to work with Larry to create what we are hoping is the most retarded gaffe in the history of the world is a dream come true."

While most observers called the joint venture of the two loose-lipped public figures an inspired pairing, one leading producer of offensive gaffes, radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, said he felt "hurt" and "excluded" that he was not asked to join the Fox-Summers team.

"When they come up with their so-called historic gaffe and it fails to insult black quarterbacks, they better not come crying to me," Mr. Limbaugh said.

Elsewhere, a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine says that a diet of Wendy's chili is not nearly as nutritious as a diet of severed human fingers.

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