Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Guilty pleasures

Obviously the sims are a kind of guilty pleasure. Others: At Home with the Braithwaites, which is not on right now, and I feel the lack. And sometimes ER is the deal. Tonight's episode had several relationships working their ways through various crises. What they had in common was emotion, passion, on someone's side anyway.

Maybe it's because I sat on the couch sipping wine that I felt a little fragile and weak when watching these relationships go through their changes. I watched Luka and Samantha talking to a therapist and it hurt to see it, yet I was drawn in a wrenching way, needed to see it, lived vicariously through them. I think it's this living-through-others that draws me in, even with the sims! Every now and then one of my male sims looks awfully good to me and I discover myself lusting after this little creature whose brain is about the size of a pinhead...what the hell?? I think I am desperate for the life I have never ever had.

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