Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Waiting in line

Tonight I went to see David Sedaris at our local performing arts center. The center didn't sell out but it was close. I'd figure 1200 or so people were in there.

And Dorothy didn't show up. I should have reminded her last week, but I thought she'd remember. So I am out $29 for that ticket and I was alone at the performance. Alone with about 1200 other people, that is, and with room on the seat next to me to place my cell phone and wallet and car keys. After all, I paid for it.

Of course we loved it, I think all of us. Near the end, David said he'd be signing books in the lobby, and he pushed a collection of short stories. Not his stories, but stories he has read and reread for years and loves. The book was produced as a benefit for an organization in New York, started by David Eggers, that helps children with literacy problems in a unique way. He started one in SF that is a pirate shop on the outside. The one in New York...I forget what it...oh yes, super hero wear! Cool stuff, unlikely stuff, and hidden in the back is a place to hang out, read, learn, and be cool. So the book is for a good cause and it contains a lot of good stories by writers I have read, plus a few I haven't.

I bought two copies, plus a CD of Sedaris at Carnegie Hall. I went to the end of the line. And waited. I talked to a woman next to me for quite a while, until she gave up and left. After I had been in line for over an hour and had moved maybe 30 feet, I finally walked. My legs had frozen up by then and it was painful getting to the car. I'm okay now. But disappointed that I just couldn't wait any longer. I have no idea why the line moved so VERY slowly. I mean VERY.

The last time I waited in line was for Grace Slick, and I couldn't stick it then, either.

Good book! I am already into it.

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