Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I'm sick, stayed home from work, congested, head achey, sniffling.

So I played with sims for a bit and have become so frustrated. One of my families has twin toddlers, and the adults - four of them - are not equal to the task. I finally called in a nanny but wasn't able to get her to come when I wanted her. She came for a while then left again.  So all of the adults are in a bad way and the twins are not learning much and everything is going to hell. What's funny, though, is how distressed this makes me. I do learn from these disasters and learn how to prevent them in the future, so I should just look at it that way.

In other news, there are further complications in Mike's world. I don't feel up to them right now. He's about the same physically, but it's the issues with his home and vehicles and so on that are getting to us all. This has been so exhausting.

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