Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I am in Paso Robles, a bit early for my appointment with "my accountant". I am in a coffee place about a block from the office. It's the second nice old-timey coffee house I have found in PR. Stuffed chairs, games, bookshelves with volumes spilling every which way, paintings on the walls, even fake tiffany lamps. People at a table near me are playing chess,and a couple of kids are playing checkers on a large "board" that is actually a cloth, with large checkers.

My cappuccino had bad foam. I asked for a bagel, toasted, no cream cheese, and she gave me the cream cheese anyway. It looks like I can refill my cup with regular coffee, though, a plus.

I've written a few words in my novel. I am planning to round out the work by amplilfying on the two meetings my protaganist had with her two lovers, two primary lovers. I am deeply dissatisfied with their dull meetings and want more.

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