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So these last several thousand words are playing hard to get. Yesterday I just captured a little over 1,000 and today it's a pulling teeth exercise to get anything at all out of my brain. I am trying to think of little vignettes or descriptions I can expand on to fill in until something resembling real thought enters my head again. I still have no doubt I'm going to make it, with a bit over 6500 words to go.

This morning I volunteered at the annual Pismo Easter Egg Hunt yet again. I shared the welcome table with a member of the parks and rec commission. We handed out goody bags and schedules and told people about raffles and jelly bean counting. Hundreds and hundreds of people. They took full advantage of everything offered - egg decorating, craft making, face painting, balloon animals, bounce house, egg hunts, and many silly egg games. When the flood of people showing at the gate started to slow I took my camera around, trying to get representative shots of everything, now that I am the "official photographer" for the event.

And, amazingly, it occurred to me that I didn't have to stay the entire time. It ended at 12:30 and I left at 12:00, leaving all the cleaning up to others. What a remarkably freeing feeling that was.

I stopped at Trader Joe's for a few things, including two bottles of champagne in such beautiful bottles that when I brought them to the counter all kinds of people stopped to look, including the clerks. Even if the wine is no good it was sure worth $14 a bottle for that alone. And believe me, I know that a $14 bottle of champagne isn't likely to be the pinnacle. Fortunately, my tastebuds, though improved, will probably find it just fine. I also bought a bottle of sparkling water. My plan is to take that bottle, cold, with two champagne glasses, to my therapist's office next Thursday. That and a printed copy of my novel. She won't be getting the novel - there is probably some kind of taboo against that kind of thing in therapy - but it's the symbolism. She'll see it there, solid and real, and so will I.

When I got home I wrote a few words, then took a nap, then started cooking four large stuffed artichokes in a new slow cooker...my new toy. I guess it isn't too surprising that my protagonist loves to cook. We share one or two things.

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