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So these last several thousand words are playing hard to get. Yesterday I just captured a little over 1,000 and today it's a pulling teeth exercise to get anything at all out of my brain. I am trying to think of little vignettes or descriptions I can expand on to fill in until something resembling real thought enters my head again. I still have no doubt I'm going to make it, with a bit over 6500 words to go.

This morning I volunteered at the annual Pismo Easter Egg Hunt yet again. I shared the welcome table with a member of the parks and rec commission. We handed out goody bags and schedules and told people about raffles and jelly bean counting. Hundreds and hundreds of people. They took full advantage of everything offered - egg decorating, craft making, face painting, balloon animals, bounce house, egg hunts, and many silly egg games. When the flood of people showing at the gate started to slow I took my camera around, trying to get representative shots of everything, now that I am the "official photographer" for the event.

And, amazingly, it occurred to me that I didn't have to stay the entire time. It ended at 12:30 and I left at 12:00, leaving all the cleaning up to others. What a remarkably freeing feeling that was.

I stopped at Trader Joe's for a few things, including two bottles of champagne in such beautiful bottles that when I brought them to the counter all kinds of people stopped to look, including the clerks. Even if the wine is no good it was sure worth $14 a bottle for that alone. And believe me, I know that a $14 bottle of champagne isn't likely to be the pinnacle. Fortunately, my tastebuds, though improved, will probably find it just fine. I also bought a bottle of sparkling water. My plan is to take that bottle, cold, with two champagne glasses, to my therapist's office next Thursday. That and a printed copy of my novel. She won't be getting the novel - there is probably some kind of taboo against that kind of thing in therapy - but it's the symbolism. She'll see it there, solid and real, and so will I.

When I got home I wrote a few words, then took a nap, then started cooking four large stuffed artichokes in a new slow cooker...my new toy. I guess it isn't too surprising that my protagonist loves to cook. We share one or two things.


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Mar. 27th, 2005 01:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Gosh!
I am proud of myself mainly because I am such a procrastinator. I haven't written any of these chapters straight through. I have stopped to play freecell or read email or to get up and do something else. I have atrocious habits. That was the main reason I took this challenge.

Also, the novel really is pretty awful. I am trying very hard not to let my inner critic have much to say about it yet.

I think this guy Chris Baty, who started the novel-in-a-month idea, was onto something that I may apply in other parts of my life. He said we need deadlines. Next month I have decided to work up a deadline for exercising. Perhaps I will set a goal of a certain number of hours of exercise for the month, or a goal of getting back on my bike, something like that. And then celebrating like a nutcase when I meet that goal. I think he was onto something in that regard as well - celebrate! What a concept!

As for taxes. I am actually using an accountant. I am capable of doing them myself but they are rather complicated by my involvement in a limited liability company (family - I was added at birth) that has activities in two states plus Canada. I tend to delay this, too, but this year I have an appointment with an accountant! Next Tuesday! I still have several years to pay off, by the way. A huge weight I need to get to.
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Mar. 27th, 2005 09:45 pm (UTC)
Re: Gosh!
you are an inspiration to me, too, probably more than you know.

I heard one of Bush's daughters say somethign the other day about how lucky we are to live in this country, where we have enough food and so on. She knows NOTHING. It's sickening. She has no idea of the millions scraping by, who are taking three low-wage jobs just to stay afloat, living in motel rooms...well, I am sure you know what I mean. And her dad saying how great it was, how American it was, that a woman who spoke to him held down three jobs. As if he knew anything about work.

There is something hugely wrong with the tax system. There are a couple of things I think need to be changed:

People who earn under a certain amount - say $25,000 - and for whom this is the majority of their income - should all get "earned income credit". At least. I would prefer that there be a way to relieve them of the payroll taxes so they would have the money every week instead of once a year but one thing at a time. I see that one of my daughters gets a nice earned income credit because she works and has a child, while the other works as hard but doesn't get it because she doesn't have a child. I do believe some break has to be given to help parents but that shouldn't mean that those who are not now parents of minors shouldn't get a break also.

So much is so wrong, and I believe the main reason none of it gets fixed is that the people making these laws have never been in these situations. They honestly have no idea, most of them. There have been the few exceptions. Otherwise it is a boys' club.

ANyway! Chris Baty's book is SMALL - about 50,000 words - and easy to read. But I can't help but think he's a thirty-something upstart, a know-it-all in some ways. I should be saying more power to him, he got himself published and he did have a terrific idea. But I can't help but put him with all the other young'uns who think they've got it wired. I think the more we age the less we know.

My tax liability is scary. Huge and scary. Just under the IRS kicking point but high enough to get their attention.
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