Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Nowhere today on the novel, 2,000 meaningless words yesterday and every day. I reread some of it today and there are some things not so bad. Instead of diving into the abyss that it is, I did more writing exercises today. I will attack the novel after coming back from the planning commission meeting tonight, if I have energy, and I need to have energy. If nothing else, I am writing. There is nothing else and actually that is enough.

A woman a few seats away from me in this coffee place is trying to talk two other women into selling the Body Shop merchandise. I could tell that the other women were hesitant, being steam-rolled, even though this woman kept saying "no pressure". That's when you know there is pressue.

I love the Body Shop! I have nothing against those who sell it. I only know how it is to sell on your own, how hard it is even when you love the products. Hard for me, anyway.

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