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Back in the coffee place of yesterday. Today it is full, almost, and three others besides me are using their laptops. The shop features cool computers you can pay for time on as well, four of these. It is a local shop, which I think in part accounts for what looks like success.

I haven't written a word yet in my nove todayl. I have been looking through various books on writing, looking for a jump start. I brought one with me, a book called The Writer's Idea Book. I have used it before and think it could help.

My sims are evolving...no, actually I think my playing is evolving. I thought about using a sims player as a character in the novel, having one of my main characters be addicted, but at this point I don't think so. I may add one later. It is tempting to find parallels between sims life and real life.

My sims have lives very different from my own. About a week ago, one of the members of the sims community I belong to was looking for a way to get aspiration rewards quickly, to steal or buy them or whatever, so her character could have ten children and get them potty trained quickly, using smart milk. At the time I thought that was one strange ambition, to have the sim have ten children.

Then I went back to visit Brandi Broke. When last we left Brandi, her life and her family's were a mess. The house was messy, she was exhausted, her son Dustin was failing school and always exhausted, and the baby was just getting by, getting changed as needed. I had played with her family when I first installed sims2 - they came with the game - and I didn't know how to take care of her or the children. I had Dustin working a job after school because Brandi was pregnant and a single mom. So what a mess it was.

When I came back to it last week, though, I decided I had to save them and get them on the right road. The only way I could see to do that was to use the cheat code to get money and to have Dustin quit his job. So I motherloded them and little by little started to improve things. Turns out that one of Brandi's aspirations was to have ten children! That got me thinking...how about I get her to meet a man, get to know him at his place (to save her time on the clock and to have the children not there). And have her woohoo at his place, "try for baby".

I had her hire a maid. Turned out to be a stud of a fellow. Immediately I thought about him as material for fatherhood, but they really didn't go anywhere. Finally I decided I would create a new guy, move him in next door, and get the wheels rolling. So I did. And I got them in love, in spite of competition from others that I had to keep squelching. Finally, after three woohoo sessions at his place (I was never given the "try for baby" option) I had him come over to her place, where they were able to "try for baby" and of course she did get pregnant. So this is baby number four. I am considering having her adopt a few if that's possible, but I have also had her drink some elixar of life to extend her breeding time.

Now I am trying to decide whether to have the guy - his name is Simson - propose to Brandi or the other way around. If he does, then she moves into his place. His is a nice little brick house that is easily expanded. Hers is already expanded. Both are getting more interesting each time I work on them...that's another part of the game that I like. I have become quite proficient at making interesting additions or creating whole new homes rather quickly.

So now that I've had my sims fun it is time to get back to that book and my novel.


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Mar. 6th, 2005 12:02 pm (UTC)
All Sims with family aspirations want ten children. I'm having such fun with my family Sims seeing how many children they can produce with how many different partners.
Mar. 6th, 2005 01:32 pm (UTC)
For some reason I thought family sims were more loyal. I don't know where I got that idea. I tend to avoid creating the romance sims because they won't stay with one other.

But if they will go with others that may give me other opportunities to have Brandi make babies. I stupidly had her drink the elixir when she wasn't in the gold, and she lost days, which I had her get back later.
Mar. 6th, 2005 02:54 pm (UTC)
Not loyal at all. Well, not some of them; maybe it depends on their natures (star signs), because one chap (A) kept crying when his wife (B)(who already had a daughter (AB) with him) married and had a baby (DB)with someone else (D) who already had a wife (E). So the bigamist (D) has a child (DB) + (DE) by each wife, another child (DAB) by the teenage daughter(AB)(who also has a child by another man (FAB)) of his second wife (B) and he's now trying to make another teen (G) pregnant. I thought I'd get the teens reproducing so that they would have a longer reproductive life.
It's getting very convoluted, but I want to see what the different DNAs produce. A is white, B is black, D is black and E is white. I won't go into the hair and eye colours. It's way too complicated already, but I'm really enjoying it. Daughter AB turned out to be a very attractive combination of A and B.
Hope you're getting some inspiration for your NANOWRIMO effort. I'll be interested to see what you think of the exercise when it's finished.
Mar. 6th, 2005 03:10 pm (UTC)
I assume that you've downloaded the teen woohoo mod...I haven't done that. My teens certainly develop interests early, so maybe that's the way to get them moving - except what about school???

I am relentless in getting them to learn skills and do homework. At least I have found with the larger family - Brandi's - she's pregnant again now (I think I got that happening as soon as physically possible), that they entertain each other and read to each other so I don't have to struggle with some parts of their lives.

I have hardly begun to experiment seriously with genetics. Of course I would like them to develop characteristics similar to their parents but because we choose their aspirations that doesn't happen. Except, I guess, from the "encourage" part.

Which reminds me. Brandi has had some terrible aspirations for her children: to be lazy, to be sloppy. I haven't given in to them! Maybe I should, though, to see what happens.

The novel is just awful. I have no plot. I am going through it now to see what kind of direction I can give the main character. She doesn't yet "want" something sufficiently. STill, I am amazed that I have written over 20 pages. Horrifying that it's 20 pages of crap.
Mar. 6th, 2005 03:58 pm (UTC)
Yes, I have downloaded the teen woohoo mod. The teens still go to school, and do their homework. AB was living with D and F (who don't work, but have much money), so they took care of, first one child, then two of them. I'm hoping now that G has joined the household and will also (I hope) have a child, it isn't going to become too much for them. I moved the parents of AB and child DB into another house because it gets difficult trying to please so many people. My goal at the moment is to have a family tree of at least five generations, with as many genetic combinations as possible, on it.
I also downloaded the night school mod, so I may switch my teens to night school instead, although I'm not sure it would benefit my particular set up.
Oh, and with SimPE, you can change the aspirations of your Sims. (I haven't actually done that yet.) I know I'm not playing the game as it "should" be played, but I want to have a large character base first. I've started a new town, so that there aren't too many game generated characters - mainly those who offer a service.

Sorry the WRIMO isn't going well, but maybe if you keep at it, something will come of it.
Mar. 6th, 2005 04:25 pm (UTC)
I created a new community, too, and of course the townies showed up. I married one of them to one of my creations and they had a child. I am still working on the community lots. Much work to be done there!

Night school...don't know how that would help...

I think it helps to have several adults around and teens to help with new babies, but it gets tough meeting all of their needs. Or wants.

I still get pissed off when they won't do what I tell them to do because they haven't had enough fun or something. Getting Brandi's gang into private school took two tries, and they just barely scraped by because it was so hard to keep energy levels up and get the food to come out on time.

I am doing all this pushing to see if it makes a difference in the long run. Will these children with better skills and more love do better later? Probably not! a lot of the sims intrigue comes from unexpected occurences - losing jobs, having accidents. Although mine haven't had tragic accidents yet. I wonder if that happens more to some than to others.

I am trying to loosen up on the novel, take my mind off the lack and do other things. Maybe changing sheets and vacuuming will have good results.
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