Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

day three

Today I am at a Starbucks in Los Osos. So far this is the best. Not very crowded, lots of tables with outlets. It is also close to where my therapist works, which is why I am here. My appointment with Jill is at four. And it is now just about three. Giving me time to write a bit before going there.

I am so out of ideas but I have decided to write whatever relates even remotely to the story I have more or less begun. I figure in time I will sort it all out.


One thing I should put into my laptop backpack: a spoon. I order cappuccinos and I like to eat the foam. How to more civilized persons drink cappuccinos?


a gang of teenie-boppers is in here. I guess the preferred snack is no longer ice cream, but frappuccino or chai.

and so far a bit over 500 words for the day.


About 700 words now. It's really slow-going today. But I feel that if I keep writing through this I will get to a point where I actually have something to write about.


Home from Jill's. Paul was leaving just as I arrived, so I think it's safe to assume the night is mine alone. The novel and the night.


I ate dinner, played with Sims...I am trying to meet Brandi Broke's aspiration for ten children...

I still have about 1,000 words to go for today.

Oh yeah, and I have had some wine and cheese.


A few hundred words to go...I can do it I can do it...

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