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I actually got a thing done this weekend. I shampooed the rugs and cleared off the dining table. It looks a lot better in here, even though still my usual cluttery look. Last week I gave away the remaining darkroom equipment to a guy who is teaching a 4-H class on film developing. We had a nice conversation in the driveway and he was really pleased with what I offered, even though it is all ancient! Film development cans - canisters - haven't changed that much over time, fortunately. And the trays for printing are also pretty standard stuff.  I love it when I can give things away to people who can really use it.

Of course the sims were also a part of my weekend. I decided to create an Ed for Elaine. It took a while to get them to meet each other, but after that things took off nicely. I think it won't be long before one of them proposes and we can start making babies. Probably just one baby, actually. Unless I try out the elixar of life on both of them to extend their adult lives.

For a moment there, I thought I might be tiring of the sims or at least putting them in their place. But I find that the more I understand them and how they work the less frustration I experience. I still get really pissed at them - when they burst out crying at times, when the babies scream and shake the crib, when the kids refuse to do homework until they've had enough fun...I think these things reflect me to a great extent. I want them to keep improving and I am impatient with their need for fun! It's a good thing that Ed thinks stargazing with the telescope is fun. It's also a way to earn logic points. It's funny that "fun" has always been a difficult thing for me. I always feel guilty when I have fun, and I have trouble actually "having fun". I realized yesterday that I do have fun with the sims, and that may be why I feel guilty about playing with them.


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