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I suspect that everyone who plays with Sims has a different experience. Not just different in terms of the lives their sims live. But different inside.

I find my emotions surging when events happen with the sims that in some ways remind me of my own experiences.

In the present case, my Mary is working hard, then coming home and taking good care of her toddler. Recently, she has wanted to spend some time with Leo, but he comes home tired and crashes right away or else waits around impatiently while she teaches little Julia something or gets her milk or takes care of her in some other way. When Mary finally got a little time to herself, she took to the piano, started playing, and both Greg and Leo complained and complained.

On another night, while Mary was off at work I tried to get Greg, then Leo, to fix some special toddler milk for Julia. Neither one would do it. They were too interested in sitting in the hot tub or mixing drinks for friends they brought home. I tried repeatedly. Finally, when Mary got home she managed to get some of the milk into Julia.

These scenes have not made me laugh. They have made me so angry at these men! I am certain that I am "projecting". Seeing these situations as much worse because mine were. In the sims case, both men do step in and talk to and change and play with Julia. Greg is continually taking her off to give her baths, unasked. Leo picks her up and talks to her. Yet there are these moments when they seem to resent her existence from afar.

It all does make me think of how this play is yet another window, if I may be so trite, into my own soul, and yet another trigger for my memories. More material, as I like to say.

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