Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I managed to get my Mary sim pregnant with Leo. I haven't attempted to get them engaged, though, after the last few issues. One other reason is that the person who proposes gets to stay in his or her house while the person proposed to moves in. So if Leo proposes Mary would have to leave her elaborate rich house, built painstakingly by me, bit by bit. Of course eventually both of them could move out and move into hers again. I think. It might be good to have a fresh start, though. Right now I am thinking about how I can add a baby room to the wandering floor plan.

Before I move on with Mary's pregnancy, though, I am working through the birth of a little one in my Experimento house. One of the "townies" moved in with one of my creations, and he got her pregnant and she has given birth. So far all is going very well! I have learned that it helps to have extra adults in the household and to have a decent income. That way a nanny comes in and picks up the baby when necessary and cleans when the baby is not in need. I am considering getting the two parents married and moving them out, or else moving out their roommate.

Oh, incidentally, these sims can really play the piano!! And i feel sure Mary's paintings are increasing in value.

It is strange being addicted like this.

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