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Yesterday's adventures were on the water, in the museum, on the sidewalks. I knew this trip would be hard on my knees and of course it has been. But I haven't gone into impossible mode, sharp pains and so forth. I am very grateful for that.

We did the harbor cruise at noon. Not a great many people, which was nice, and the day was crisp and beautiful. It is, of course, a great way to see the city. Later we found our way to Central park, walked across from west to east, and then to the Guggenheim. There were huge crowds in the museum, a disappointment. Apparently the Gates exhibit has brought a lot more people in than anyone expected. Still, the museum is beautiful and functions wonderfully. We saw an Aztec exhibit as well as much of the permanent collection.

Then to Chinatown. Where we had dinner in a Chinese restaurant where the waiter did not understand us very well. It was good food, in any case. And we managed to do a little shopping on the street, then landed in a cool Italian dessert and coffee place...ahhhhhh...wonderful pastries...nice people, fast service. We want to go back.

We all want to go back to New York, spend more time. Got to plan it.

Getting back to NJ was a trial this time. The normal bus did not arrive, so although we arrived at the port authority at about 9:40 we didn't get out until an hour later.

Irritation of the Week: NO place in NYC has lockers any more, because of 9/11. Grrrrrr. There are other ways to address threats than to shut them all off. This means we have to do our time in NYC this morning, then rush back to the hotel in NJ, then to the airport.


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