Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Last night I was SO ready for tylenol pm. But I couldn't find it anywhere. I must have left it home inadvertently, or possibly in Las Vegas at Mary's.

We got off to a late start yesterday. It just took a while for everyone to get awake and dressed and having breakfast. So we figured we'd hit a few spots and then return. Which we did. Our NJ bus goes to the port authority, which is handy for getting to Times Square and Grand Central Station. Just hitting these two spots took us quite a while, though.

During which we embarrassed ourselves. We bought metrocards and then Elaine went through the turnstyle and I was right behind her and it wouldn't let me through. It was one of those revolving types, not the usual simple one-person thing. And apparently I was too close behind her. We tried, Mary and I, looking like fools and not getting through. Someone told us that the machine would not take the same card twice in a row fewer than fifteen minutes apart, so our continued tries failed. Finally we all made it through, but I lost a ride on my card. I think I now have one left. Or maybe none.

We hung around Times Square, which is to say walked, looking at the shops and the buildings, and going into a couple of them. I bought a T-shirt and little keyring and Mary bought a few things and Elaine got postcards for us all to send. By the time we found the right subway to get to Grand Central we were a little pressed for time. So it was in and out and back on the subway. Such a beautiful building.

Of course getting from one place to another took a fair amount of walking and a lot of that walkign was up and down steps. I knew my knee was not liking it but it wasn't critical. I worried about night.

After we got back to the hotel, we cleaned up and dressed for the Lautner event. Karol ran to a nearby fabric store to check it out. Yes, literally. Then back on the bus to the port authority and then to the subway to Greenwich Village. We had agreed to meet the gang at Caffe Dante on MacDougall. Trouble was the numbering is odd on that street. We walked from the subway station to the end of MacDougall at Eighth Avenue and it didn't make sense. So we called the caffe and the guy said it was right off Sixth - Avenue of the Americas, so back we went, through numbers that went up and then down and then up again.

The gang included Bette, the film maker, her husband Steven and son, Jon from UCLA, Dan the cinematographer, and the guy who would run the event. We were a  big crowd in that small place with the tiny tables and the waitress was less than friendly. We all had coffee and hot chocolate drinks, talked about the event and who we all were, then left.

Because of time pressure, we grabbed sandwiches at a Subway on Bleecker...so many varied and interesting restaurants and we ended up at a Subway...

And got to the Center for Architecture well on time, ahead of time really. We put our brochures out and found seats and had wine and chatted until the event began. There was a good turnout! And enthusiastic at that. They showed Bette's film first, then had the panel discussion. Mary said I did well in it. It wasn't very long, fortunately. But lots of interest. So cool.

When we finally were able to get free, we left the center. The program included a screening of Diamonds are Forever, and some people did stay for that. We had all watched it in the Elrod house when we were staying there last summer, though.

The entire gang went to an Italian restaurant down the block from the center and had a real dinner. Elaine ordered a chocolate mousse to be served with her side of broccoli, but the waitress didn't bring it with the vegetable, waited way long and then handed it to her in a box. She was not interested in having it in a box so she refused it and they took it off the bill. It isn't as if we could all hop in a car and bring it home, and she didn't want to walk the streets gulping it down. We had some good discussions at dinner, too. After which we found another subway entrance, got to the port authority, but not without an incident.

We waited for the subway on the platform with a lot of other people. The train pulled in way ahead of us all so we all had to run for it. Do they do that deliberately sometimes? I think so. So we ran, too (well, some of us, not me; I walked fast). Mary was the last to get there and the doors were closing. She actually got caught in them. Elaine was freaked, seeing visions of Mary cut in half (a real possibility) but Mary managed to get inside. It scared her, though. I took a few somewhat blurry pix on the subway. But interesting! At least to me.

Back to the port authority. Several of us stopped at a bathroom on the way to the gate, but Karol went on ahead, didn't see us stop. When we got out we went to the gate and it was empty. Nobody there. The schedule said the bus ran until one, so that wasn't the problem. Then Jessie got a call from Karol. The bus was taking off from another track. Then we looked closer at the schedule and saw the note that it leaves from a different gate after ten.

By that time roller skates might have been good, if I had any kind of coordination. The trek to gate 407 was fairly lengthy and we took it at a gallop. So to speak. We got to the right line, found Karol, the bus came, we had a nice uneventful ride back to the hotel. Where I discovered I didn't have those tylenol pms. Elaine had regular tylenol, though, and I took a couple of those. I do not seem much the worse for wear now. No cramps in the night. My knee is extra stiff but that's normal whenever I do anything at all, it seems.

Today we are meeting the gang, we hope, at the top of the Metropolitan Museum. Good view of the Christo exhibit that opens today! And Elaine is intent on getting those tickets.

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