Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Life as sims

Last night Dwain drove me to the airport in SLO. The plane was delayed by almost an hour, and I couldn't even go through screening, so we went to the airport restaurant and had dinner there. We had a discussion that bordered on acrimonious. I wasn't prepared to have a discussion at all, really, so perhaps that is what set this off. Dwain got into government intervention into people's lives. He's libertarian by nature, so we have always had a conflict there.

The weird thing is that I started to visualize sims-like cues. I would see minus signs above his head, indicating that the conversation was not going well. I would see the diamond thing change color.

How odd to see the world this way, to have these feelings defined like this. In a way, though, how weirdly freeing.

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