Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

The Mary saga

I got to thinking that it would be a good idea to find out what Leo thinks about Mary, so I went to his house today. Sims house, that is. To my surprise, one of his significant wants is to get engaged to Mary! How odd. But maybe he was playing hard to get? Or maybe he wanted to ask?

ANyway, I had him call her, and she called him, and later she happened by and he hugged her hugely. All seemed to be going well. Then I thought I'd have him kiss her. But I didn't realize I had clicked on his roommate, Greg, and was telling HIM to kiss her. Well, Greg feels warmly toward Mary and had no problem with this so up he got and grabbed her and kissed her. Leo jumped up and yelled at them both, slapped Mary, and all those current love points went plummeting. That doesn't mean the long-term goal was not still the same, though. EVentually Mary left. Leo tossed and turned that night, with visions of Mary crossed out in his head.

He went to work the next morning and talked to Mary on the phone later and the points rose a bit. I guess we have to work them back up to where they were and maybe he will be inclined to propose...

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