Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Still hooked on Sims. I have been doing rather well with Mary and Elaine lately. Mary is rising up in her criminal career, is a bookie now, making pretty good money. Elaine is a lab assistant, also rising. Judith, unfortunately, seems to have topped out in her athletic career as a team mascot. Her costume is unspeakable. She also seems to be cranky a lot of the time, but I am doing better with her, getting her to bed more often and trying to build those skills. She has two charisma levels now, which may help. Maybe if she reads more, too, she'll make a more interesting friend and can make another friend more easily. Mary and Elaine are best friends, think and dream of each other! There was an opportunity for them to get hitched, even, but I passed on it, hoping to develop them a little differently. I want them both to have babies!

It's impossible not to relate these activities to everyday life.

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