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Jan. 28th, 2005

My daughter Mary sent me this email today:
As I lay in bed this morning, I tried to sort out my day on how I was going to get things done before I went to work. I will start the wash so at least that is going, then I will clean up the kitchen. From there I will do all the laundry today so that is out of the way. Jeez, two in a half days off and I am not great at getting things done. Well then I will be going to pick up Joey from school and take him to a babysitter, just to proceed to drive myself to the wonderful work world. How did my life get this way. I am not satisfied. I cannot organize my time wisely, and it seems no matter what job I get, I am not happy. But this one is like the end of the rope. I am working with people who seem OK with it, which really bothers me even more. Sometimes I think will think about why we play this little game in life, when we all know there is greater meaning to it. But only certain, really strong people, can find there way out of this cloudy mess, that we all have contributed to. When will I find my path?
So then, I thought, what if I were a sim? I would be under control of someone else at all times. I couldn't make the choices that I would like (or sometimes don't like) to make. I just do whatever it is my programmer wants me to do. It
would be so easy. Not to think for myself because all to often that is the most difficult part. I could get a job out of the paper with no interview!! My only danger would be if Judy Lautner was my programmer and she made me kill
myself in a kitchen fire or something. Just kidding. I was on a roll. I lost it. OH TO BE A SIM FOR A DAY!!


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Jan. 28th, 2005 08:38 pm (UTC)
Your daughter sounds delightful.

And at that time of life when one begins to question one's place in the world and the choices one's made and how things might be different.

It comes to all of us, and it's very good that she can see the humor in it, laugh at herself gently, and continue on.

She may find herself looking at a different career soon, or maybe something new to learn. That's what happens, when you begin to look around.

It's a difficult, but wonderful time in life. And the possibilities, really, are endless!
Jan. 28th, 2005 11:03 pm (UTC)
She is exactly that, delightful. Frank and caring and interested in other people.

She's been dissatisfied for a long time. That's why she's in school, trying to find a good fit. Unlike with Elaine and law, one doesn't automatically think about careers where Mary would belong.

I too am glad she is becoming more introspective and realistic. I like her comment about others in the job accepting it, and her finding that even more disturbing.
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