Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

My Sims update. I added some music to the stock choices. They didn't have a "classical" option, surprise surprise, so Poulenc is lurking in the heavy metal group. That means the radio can be blasting heavy metal, then suddenly it will switch to the Poulenc piano concerto. And of course the Sims don't know the difference. I am going to add a "classical" folder and see if it gets recognized when I play the game.  I was also able to add different choices of music to the folders for buying and building and just viewing the town. So one time when I was viewing the time I was listening to Bach's Christmas Oratorio.

ANd it makes a difference to me! I have enjoyed the party music choices they already have but this is fun. And I like to think that my Sim is taking it in. It's another dimension that they haven't yet thought about - the classical learning.

I also experimented with the design tool. With this tool you can upgrade the furniture you already have, for no cost or a small sum. I upgraded a chest of drawers and the panda chairs. I see possibilities there.

Mary is now advancing in the criminal career. She's a bag man.

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