Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

oh woe oh woe

I have deluded myself lately that I am now better at handling money than I was in previous years. Yes, I am a *little* better. But mainly, I am making more. I haven't had to fret over small purchases or even large ones nearly as much as I did in years past.

So today was a return to the dark days of yore. I looked at my bank balance online and I was overdrawn! By checks that just came in today. So that meant I have a chance of getting a deposit in before the checks actually clear.

But I have been raiding all of my resources lately. I had little left. I went to the credit union and left less than $25 there, then I borrowed cash from a credit card. Something I really really hate to do, but it seemed cheaper than all those bounce charges. I deposited these and I think I covered the overdraft. I hope. I have one more place to go if it looks bad tomorrow, for a little more money.

Of course all is not lost. I have calculated payments I have to make and I think I can swing them if I am really careful and depend, once again, on a credit card. I will end up with a nice little debt but I can pay it off over time as I get back on track actually earning money.

Not a crisis. Just unfortunate and something I will live through.

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