Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Yes, things are looking up.

Yesterday I trekked up the coast to visit the baby seals. And I was rewarded. There were hundreds of the little guys, making their little baby seal noises, while their mommies and daddies made their own distinctive noises and tossed sand over themselves and occasionally went for a brief slither down the beach. Many people were watching but not as many as I have seen on other occasions. I could always get a front position at the fence.

From there I tootled down to Cambria, where I went for a little hike along the blufftop, hoofing from one side to the other of the east-west ranch, and back again, just two miles total. Beautiful coast, a few people out walking, with and without dogs. A bit of mud left on the trail, no problem for the hiking boots I had on.

Today I was greeted, early, by two e-birthday cards, one from my daughter Mary and the other from my sister Cathy. Both funny, both appropriate.

At work I lunched with several co-workers for my birthday, and later they brought out the cake - a chocolate cake from the Madonna Inn, covered with luscious real whipped cream and huge chocolate curls, for which they are famous. We all liked my having a birthday at that point.

Earlier, Mary called to tell me of a gift waiting for me at a salon in San Luis Obispo. Haircut, manicure, wax. Wowser!! That wasn't enough, though. I later received a beautiful plant at the counter, also from Mary. Carolyn shared with me and the gang a conversation she had with a developer i have known for many years. He asked if I were still there and said how appreciative he is of me - because I have the greatest sense of humor and am a wonderful writer. Not bad, not bad!!

I took Heidi to the car wash as a special treat for her and for me. I went for the hand wax, which includes shampooing the carpets. Thank heaven. She feels so much better now.

At home I found a box and a birthday card. Card from niece Liisa, box a book from daughter Elaine.

It's my day, yes it is, and I am now going to break open a bottle of wine, enjoy it with some good bread and cheese, and spend the night at home, alone with my thoughts and my memories and good thoughts. Oh, I am lucky, I know that.

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