Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Flying home

If I had left by car at the same time as I left for the airport I would be home by now. Comfy and maybe even in bed.

But instead I am in Los Angeles and my next flight doesn't leave until nine. That is, if it's on time, which it is not likely to be. American Eagle's idea of "on time" is not the same as Southwest's. I think they build in the delays and then fudge the outcome. The captain said we were "on time", that we were scheduled to arrive at 7:10 and it would take about five minutes of jockeying the plane to the gate, suggesting that we would get there just five minutes after the scheduled arrival time. But in fact we arrived on the ground ten or twenty minutes after the scheduled arrival time and then had that time getting to the gate.

But it's no biggie to me. My next flight isn't until nine. A two-hour layover if the first had actually been on time.

Last night I made the reservation change and specified the single-seat side of the plane, the A row. But when my flight was cancelled I was thrown on this packed flight and have a C seat for both flights, the seat by the window with a person sitting next to me. These planes are so small that it is just a wonderful thing that the flights tend to be so short.

I am really tired, once again.

Tomorrow morning, if I can get to the body shop early I can get in as early as seven. If I can't get a ride or don't want to call a taxi I can wait until eight and they will pick me up. That option sounds pretty good right now. I am hoping rather that Paul is at his gf's tonight. I don't quite know why. Maybe it's just being tired, that's all.

This aft karol and cathy and i were at Mike's house and Cathy embarked on the ship of finance, trying to find the answers to elusive questions. What is coming in? What is going out? What has been paid up? What has not? She's doing a hell of a job! Chicken that I am I choose not to face it, to get involved in it. Although I will retain some of the information so I can make suggestions from time to time. My feeling is that we should sell some of the cars plus the motorhome, to start. Of course, assuming we can sell them, assuming we can obtain some sort of power of attorney.

I do love that I can write this and post it while sitting in an airline terminal.

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