Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

It's the morning of the day I leave.

I have been the reluctant one, not coming forth with ideas or with plans. Karol has taken the lead in investigating Mike's situation, going to his house, saying what needs to be said. I have been in the background. But supportive!

So much is not decided, so much is not resolved. I think we all agree that paying the health insurance is the number one priority for us. And we are coming to the notion that we are going to have to put together funds from ourselves to do this.

On top of this, we are still wanting, Karol and I, to go to New York. How will we afford it? Somehow. If not now, when? I feel we should go ahead and make that trip and then sort out the damage.

I will get in after normal hours. I am going to find out if the body shop can pick me up and bring me to my car when I arrive at the airport. That would be extra cool. If not, a trip in a taxi wouldn't cost so much.

  • utilities

    I went into tier 2 in electricity last month. Only a tiny amount but I always wonder what kicked it over when this happens. Gas stayed in tier one.

  • utilities

    Once again I stayed in the first tier for both gas and electricity last month. Good for me!

  • utilities

    Curses. I stayed within tier one for gas but went into tier 2 for electricity last month. I wonder what I was using electricity for. More than usual.

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