Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Another lost day...somewhat...

I found a knife at OSH, with the help of a very nice salesperson (not, unfortunately, my usual experience there), that was good enough to cut the silhouette out of Mary and Marty...

I love the way it looks. I think it's goofy but I like it. I am going to package it with some picture hooks (the glue-on kind) that Mary or Marty can attach where they think is best.  I think it would look good in the front hall, the first thing you see when you come to the house, with a big "welcome" written above or below it, or simply mounted above their bed. Something like that.

Elaine called and mentioned driving down highway 1, and I said I might drive up it a bit today. But I didn't! Where is that sense of adventure? Maybe tomorrow.

Instead I have played with my sims and watched episode after episode of Animal Precinct. Marathon!

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