Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


I went to the Honda dealer with Paul's truck this aft and grabbed my suitcase, most of my presents, and miscellaneous stuff. The car is likely to be there all of tomorrow, maybe longer. The damage was much more extensive than originally seen: crushed fuel tank and a few other things. The gasping it did on the highway was its desperation for gas. I should say "her". I finally got in touch with the insurance adjuster, who is based in Bakersfield, and after talking to the guy at the Honda dealer he arranged to have a local adjuster go by and have a look. That will be tomorrow, I assume. In the meantime I am still stranded. I am not getting the service I used to get from this company.

Elsa offered to pick me up to go to work, so I do have a way in tomorrow. I need to remember to bring food.

And the big news. I started playing Sims2. Oh my heaven. So much to learn.

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