Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

It is the twenty-third and I am awake in Elaine's condo. She has a challenge ahead, to find space for her stuff. Most of it is put away but there remain some kitchen things and many other odds and ends. THe kitchen doesn't have much cupboard space.

Our challenge, most important, for the day, is to find the water shutoff valve. So we can replace the water intake pipe and valve to the toilet. The old one broke off, so flushing is a matter of pouring water from a bucket into the bowl.

Elaine, Joey, and I had a good time yesterday, after I got here at about eleven. Went for lunch, did some shopping, completed a gift for Joey's mother (that would be Mary), painted, played Sims and Super Granny. Joey has got an odd thing going: he complains if he doesn't get stuff. Even if he does get stuff, but it isn't enough.

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