Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Long Day's Journey

I just left Mary and Marty at the airport. We really packed it in these two days and I think we are all exhausted. Today we had lunch at Mondeo, browsed Barnes & Noble (so I could use a coupon that expired today), wandered through Mission Plaza, stopping by the creek, checked many many surf stores, both in SLO and Pismo (Marty was looking for a gift for his daughter), LOVED  the day in Pismo and then in Avila Beach, where we sat with drinks, watching the ocean. We headed from there to Pirate's Cove, a dark place at sunset, but beautiful, then back to SLO to pick up my calendars (which we'd left at Kinko's this morning for binding). We did a little more shopping in downtown SLO, then had dinner at Big Sky and finally headed for the airport. The security was tighter here than it was in Vegas. Go figure.

I am tired but too wound up to sleep right now. I think I'll ease into the night with some recorded television program. I hate that I have to work tomorrow!

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