Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

It's hell rehearsal week and I'm tired. Last night was our Thursday night rehearsal, which is usually one where we go back to the piano and work out troublesome parts. While we were doing this in one room, Tom was in our usual rehearsal space with the orchestra and soloists. We had a member of the chorale working with us at first, then Susan, our accompanist, who is also Tom's wife and who is also a soloist.  (This may sound like ...what's that word?...but it isn't. Nefertism? That isn't right. Nepotism! She is paid to be an accompanist but I don't think she even takes money for being a soloist and she's as qualified as anyone for anything she does. Besides which we all like her a lot.)

We did enough to help me feel more comfortable. I sat next to Dorothy, and learned that she too was worried about the orchestra. When we sang with them Monday night it did not sound good. Usually they sound better the first night, even without any rehearsals. I expect they sound much better now, and we'll find out tonight.

Tonight we'll be on the risers on the stage so it will be painful. ARrrrgh. But it should be exciting, too.

Dorothy said she had not promoted this concert as much as others, with her gang of friends and associates, because she feels it is for hard-core Bach fans. I think, too, it will be tough going for some. It's so long - meant to be sung over SIX DAYS. In Europe it would be fine to sing a three-hour concert but in this country not so much. But Susan said something last night that made me laugh: she said the chorale gets to start each of the cantatas and whenever we come in we wake everyone up. That may well be how it goes. Some of the pieces are just plain a kick to sing, SO much fun, and some audience members are going to love these as much as we do. I hope we get a good recording of it.

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