Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

tangled sheets

I didn't get into the habit of making my bed when I was growing up.  It really never occurred to me, except on those rare occasions when I cleaned my room thoroughly. I remember a coworker mentioning that he was this way until he got married. The first time he left the bed unmade, his wife asked why and he said he was just going to get into it that night anyway. She blew up and he no longer left his bed unmade. I laughed when he told me this but it didn't change me.

There were the forays I made into house cleaning methods - the "SHE" method - the "Messies" books. In the seventies and then later I took these guides to heart and even made some progress in cleaning up my house and making my bed. Each time, though, I slipped back into the old habits. What they say about habits isn't really true, not for me. I can do a thing a hundred times - I have, in fact - and still slip back out of the habit.

More recently I entered into flylady land. Flylady is based on the SHE books, but uses yahoo messages instead of little index cards as reminders. With flylady leading the way, I started making my bed. I did it for over a year, maybe two now. I have slipped lately, though. Mainly I have slipped because of another habit I started forming one or two years ago - changing the sheets every week. What's been happening is that when Sunday morning comes I don't immediately rip the sheets off the bed and take the fresh ones from the closet shelf. I leave the bed unmade because I'm supposed to be changing the sheets anyway. And so it goes on through the week - I leave it unmade, because maybe this will be the day I change the sheets - until the next weekend comes and I then finally change the sheets. The longest I have gone is three weeks, with the sheets and blanket and comforters getting progressively more tangled amidst themselves. Because the cats use the bed during the day it acquires tufts of fur, piles of dirt, little grasses and stickers. These additions really make sleeping comfortable.

Yesterday I ended a bed-making fast (would that be the right way to put it?) by changing the sheets. And lo! By rotation the sheets for this week are those lovely cotton ones with the lace trim. Last night's sleep was practically a dream in comparison to the last two or three weeks. Making the bed and changing the sheets is a thing I do for myself that helps me feel valued. I must remember this.

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