Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


Level 29 on Super Granny. Many of the levels are pieces of cake, just intros to the really hard ones. I was stuck on 17 for a very long time, then the next hard one took quite a number of tries.

I haven't let the Sims out for a few weeks. I do hear of Joey's exploits with them, with his batch. Mary said the other day she had a guy ordering pizza late at night and hating to go to the door to get the pizza, because he was so tired. Then he had one of his guys call the fire dept when they were not needed. He was fined. He patiently explained to Mary how to play, how to start the game. It seems remarkable to me that he hunts down the right program in the list of programs when he can't even read yet.

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