Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I'm still reading What's the Matter with Kansas? Frank, the author, talks about the distinctly different Republicans: the "mods" and the "cons". The mods tend to be the upper-class elite who benefit from the tax cuts and free market policies, while the cons, the Christian right, pay for their benefits. Frank notes that it is almost like a willing sacrifice, that the Christian right is not in it for the money. As for the mods, they tend to be pro-choice and to look down on this scraggly bunch of born-agains but they are happy enough to take their votes.

I got to thinking: what if a friend of mine were a Democrat for reasons that I don't share? For example, what if a friend were deluded into thinking the Dems were the best to fight for the segregation of schools (not a great example, just what came to mind). And the party embraced this clan of neo-dems. How would I feel about friends voting for the wrong reasons? Would it concern me? I suspect that it would, but I'd also be thinking, whatever gets them to the polls... Would I?

I don't share the viewpoints of many persons within the party. I don't share the militaristic viewpoint. I cringed whenever Kerry said he'd hunt down the terrorists "and kill them". I also don't share the Christian faith with our party's leaders. I doubt one could get elected if one were to declare oneself an atheist. I don't expect a party to be fully at one with my personal beliefs. So I guess this is already happening, that I am already sharing hugs with fellow Dems who want to go to war, for example.

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