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I'm still reading What's the Matter with Kansas? Frank, the author, talks about the distinctly different Republicans: the "mods" and the "cons". The mods tend to be the upper-class elite who benefit from the tax cuts and free market policies, while the cons, the Christian right, pay for their benefits. Frank notes that it is almost like a willing sacrifice, that the Christian right is not in it for the money. As for the mods, they tend to be pro-choice and to look down on this scraggly bunch of born-agains but they are happy enough to take their votes.

I got to thinking: what if a friend of mine were a Democrat for reasons that I don't share? For example, what if a friend were deluded into thinking the Dems were the best to fight for the segregation of schools (not a great example, just what came to mind). And the party embraced this clan of neo-dems. How would I feel about friends voting for the wrong reasons? Would it concern me? I suspect that it would, but I'd also be thinking, whatever gets them to the polls... Would I?

I don't share the viewpoints of many persons within the party. I don't share the militaristic viewpoint. I cringed whenever Kerry said he'd hunt down the terrorists "and kill them". I also don't share the Christian faith with our party's leaders. I doubt one could get elected if one were to declare oneself an atheist. I don't expect a party to be fully at one with my personal beliefs. So I guess this is already happening, that I am already sharing hugs with fellow Dems who want to go to war, for example.


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Dec. 5th, 2004 08:07 am (UTC)
You know what?
I cringed everytime Kerry said that too.
And I so wish god would not be brought up in politics.
Dec. 5th, 2004 08:33 am (UTC)
Yes! I am so sick of hearing people trying to be more Christian than the other guy. We need to be clear that our faith, whatever it may be, is ours alone and not something we impose on others. I think it may be necessary to make clear what our founding fathers really did when they separated church and state. And part of that would be to make clear that we welcome all faiths, including, for example, Muslim. But that doesn't mean we want to be led by these faiths.

I have really been struggling with how to approach this group of working poor and working middle class who vote Republican because they are deluded into thinking that party actually speaks for them. We've got to delude them into thinking the Dems do! (I admit to some cynicism but it's true that they are more likely to be served by the Dems in all ways.)
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