Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Holiday harmony

Last night I volunteered at the annual Pismo Beach Holiday Harmony downtown. I manned the craft table, along with a varying crew of others. This year's craft was a little mouse of felt and candy cane that the children could decorate. It's always a kick watching how different children and adults approach these crafts.

The most popular table, as always, was the cookie decorating table. A local grocery donates many undecorated cookies and children put on frosting, sprinkles, chips, gummy bears, anything they like. Two tweenagers had a contest - who could pile on the most - and I took a picture of the result. Unfortunately, the kids in the photo are a bit blurry.

I prowled the different parts of the event with my camera at various times. Actually, the most popular of all is the snow. There are two piles of snow, one for bigger kids and one for smaller. In past years it has gotten pretty raucus and at times snow would fly into our booths. Last night just one snow ball landed our way and it appeared that the big kids were under control. Kids come prepared for this snow, in snow suits and mittens and hats.

Throughout all this was music. This year the rec dept hired a "DJ", which means a guy showed up with amps and CDs and played Christmas music. He also spoke, but very rarely. Mostly reminded people to go to Tony Spinelli's place to see Santa and get a goody bag. The music was the classic Christmas stuff, from Sinatra to the Chipmunks and "Santa Baby" and I found I would have preferred the  more down-home nonsense of the "silly songs" Kristen usually plays at these events. Still, the music did add to the fun of it, and that's what I notice so much here, that people are really having fun.

As for me, I knew that three hours plus of standing would play hell with my knees and that is the case. I am paying now. I should be able to get past it, though.

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