Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I woke up about an hour ago, found I had a bit of a headache. Yesterday, after work, I headed for Trader Joe's, then across Higuera to Karen's place. I showed up at her door with bread, wine, and cheese. We drank all the wine and ate about half the rest. We talked. I told her of my trip and of my date with Dwain, and we talked as women can talk.

karen is painting her house and is embarking on an even more ambitious project this morning: her living room floor. Initially she wanted to install wood flooring, but the cost was more than she wanted to pay. Then vinyl flooring. But after she ripped out the carpet and saw the bulge in the floor and too many unevennesses, she threw that idea out, too. So she is going to make a paper bag floor! In this she tears pieces of brown paper bag so it looks rather like stone, glues them to the floor, then covers it with polyurethane, several coats. It ends up looking rather like stone. I'm very curious to see how it comes out and may even help. Certainly I will bring over my batch of paper bags.

As for now, I have taken some ibuprofen and a shower. I hope to get back to sleep eventually.

I am reading Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and finding it fascinating. Perkins, the writer, does manage to wring his hands rather a lot, to dwell on the times he had doubts about what he was doing, and does not give us great detail about the work he did. But we do get the idea, more than I've gotten from other books. There are episodes in the story that sound like they could be fabricated, they are so dramatic and film-like. I find I would like some support for these stories, would like to hear from others that yes, he did this, he did that, but the more dramatic episodes take place without the watchful eye of the company he worked for. I don't seriously doubt that these things took place but at moments I think of Roots. The overall picture is damning enough and explains a lot. This one has to get onto my must-read list on amazon.

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