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passion and books

On my way home today I listened to Janeane Garafalo on Air America Radio. She was coming apart at the seams because of mail she had gotten that suggested that she shouldn't make fun of the right wing but should instead welcome them to the fold. She reeled off a list of the atrocities committed by the Bush administration and said no way would she welcome them. And in the process of reeling, she became passionate and admitted that she was crying. I felt such a kinship with her! When I lose it I lose it the same way, in a rush of fire. Sometimes it works well, depending on the circumstance. Most of the time I am deeply embarrassed by my loss of control.

She has calmed down now, I am sorry to say. I was looking forward to more of the same. I look for passion. I don't find it often.

Then there's the book. My latest Amazon order came yesterday: John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. This is the book I feel I have been waiting for for years. It fills in the blanks, it fleshes out the suggestions I have read elsewhere, it makes it all real. Such an important book! And on top of that, the cover! I love the cover. For some reason, looking at it gives me great pleasure, as if by its very substantial appearance it verifies everything I have believed for years. Have known.

Oh yeah, and the book links to Amazon...in case you want to order...


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