Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I am woefully behind schedule on the novel, but I repaired the toilet!

Could there be a connection? In a way, yes. I rarely do anything in one concentrated sitting. I alternate activities to keep myself interested. There are other factors in this case, though:

Paul is gone today. He left last night for his gf's house, and today he had to work. So I expect to see him later this afternoon, when he may shower and change and then head for Santa Cruz. At least that's how I have it worked out now; he goes to Paso M, W, F, then heads for SC on Saturday and doesn't return until late Sunday. That's a lot of time with her! And it's a lot of time I have to spend on things that I prefer to be alone with. Like the toilet.

The toilet has been a problem for years, literally. It was a cheap toilet I bought and installed myself, with Elaine's help. It sat on a floor that isn't really level, though, and so developed chronic leakage problems. Over time there were also other issues, internal issues, with flushing, for example. I finally got the leaking fixed by calling someone to fix the floor. That has worked well. But the flushing issue remained. I tried to fix it a few times, and Paul bought a new handle, a metal one, but the chain continued to fall off the flush mechanism and we didn't know why. For more months than I care to think about, Paul has been reaching inside after every use and pulling the flapper ball up manually. I have my own toilet so I have not had to deal with that, but I hear it. And I think it may be driving him nuts. Yet not nuts enough that he is inspired to attack the problem himself.

So today I figured I had the time to deal with the frustration. And there was some of that. I wanted to replace everything inside the tank. I had the kit. But I was stopped soon after starting because I couldn't get the tank loose from the bowl. It was pretty much welded in place by rust, and I don't have the tools to fight that. So I figured I'd take shortcuts and replace what I could.

It took a little work, reading through the instructions and finding the parts I could replace and figuring out the strange instructions. Fortunately there are pictures. I could never have done this without the pictures.

It really seems to be working. I have flushed it several times and it flushed, clears the bowl, fills the tank, then stops. It really seems to be working.

This toilet thing was the prime part of another effort: cleaning that bathroom. It had gotten quite grungy. I use it only for showers and baths. Otherwise it is Paul's to use, so I have left it to him. But if I ever have a guest that's the bathroom that person would use, and when Elaine visited she cleaned the counter off, embarrassing Paul. I figure what the heck, it's my house, my bathroom, my responsibility. I washed the floor, cleaned the vanity, cleaned the shelves above the toilet, took out the floor mats to wash, replaced them. It looks great! And it smells much better too.

In between forays into the bathroom I wrote, worked on the novel. I have a bit over 900 words now. If I am to be on schedule I should have at least 4,000 words. But I will not fret. I will keep at it, regardless of where it takes me. I have taken the theme from a short story I wrote and am expanding it. I expect that it will evolve into much more but I don't know what yet.

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