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Farewell to Hildy

Today I sold Hildy before I made it to work.

I decided to take her out to work today so people would see the For Sale signs in the windows. Someone saw them as I drove by and he followed me until I stopped, then jumped out of his car and asked what I would take for her. I tried to talk him out of it. I worried that he wouldn't take good care of her so I pointed out what she needs: timing belt, major service. He said he'd take care of it. I told him the windshield wiper isn't working. He said he'd take care of it. He would pay for the smog, he said. He said he has a nice 2002 truck (which I saw) but it is eating him alive in gas. He needs another car that is better on gas. He didn't even want to drive it!

Finally I gave in and said he could have it for my lowest price, $1500. We arranged to make the deal this afternoon after I got home. He just was here, with his wife. We signed the pink slip and that was that. I figured if they could afford that truck they should be able to pay for the service Hildy needs. I hope I am right. I feel so protective about her. On my way to see Jill this afternoon, my last drive in Hildy,  I had a harrowing drive in the pounding rain without a windshield wiper. I was scared shitless, driving on the back roads where I couldn't tell if the side of the road was safe or if I might go over a cliff if I turned off. I made it to the dealer by the skin of my teeth, and said I needed a wiper repair or replacement fast. They did it. Wonderful.

Such a lurch! It happened much faster than I expected. But at least she's safe to drive now.


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Nov. 5th, 2004 08:17 am (UTC)
congratulations to you - and hildy for her new home! :o)
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