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I went to an opera last night with both Dorothy and Karen. There wasn't a large crowd so we moved down to the orchestra seating after the intermission, thus saw it from two very different perspectives.

The opera was Red Cloud, written many years ago by the father-in-law of a fellow chorale member (and major force in the community). It's the tale of a young warrier who asks for the hand of a young virgin - but the woman is in love with someone else. The story incorporates many standard opera fixtures: death, dramatic schemes, people overhearing these plots. The music was more reminiscent of Hollywood than Italy, and at times the performance seemed very funny. Near the end is the "Feast of the Virgins" - which I couldn't help but think meant just that - and some young bucks drag in a dead young buck and lay it at the feet of the women who are cooking the feast. The deer was stuffed and at first I couldn't tell what it was. When I figured it out I started laughing. Fortunately, I was able to keep it silent, but tears were streaming down my face and I was shaking. Dorothy gave me a jab and Karen laughed too.

When we came out of the theater, Dorothy described seeing a fellow chorale member on stage (member of the chorus; a squaw) during that dramatic deer scene, and how over-emoting she was, and how Dorothy about lost it there. We were all laughing, not least about how the opera is actually written in English but we could barely understand a word of it.

It was fun going with these two very different yet similar friends. It was a chance for them to meet each other, if briefly.

I came home and almost immediately went to my Sims. I had bought an expansion pack - unleashed - today and installed it, and the addition of animals has changed the picture somewhat. I made some improvements to Michael's pad and actually got him to work. Damned good thing, considering how low the bank account had gotten. Earlier I had worked with the Wonder family (my creation) and screwed things up so that Judy was stuck behind furniture when a fire broke out. The two younger women had gone to work without calling the fire dept and the fire was raging out of control. So I chose not to save that. Back to where I was. I have to get them jobs again but at least now I know I can do it.

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