Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I tried more Sims things. I moved Michael onto a vacant lot, built a house that was way too big, gradually reduced the size of it, learned that my decorating skills stink, had Michael get talking to the neighbors. He is more interested in Bella Goth than in Judith, unfortunately. I fear that there may be an affair in the making here, an extra-marital one. But maybe not! I then went to the Goths' house and got Michael to call the fire dept when he started a fire and burned the stove up. I then sat him down to learn cooking in the hopes that he will avoid such incidents in the future. Later I got Bella to call Michael and invite him over,but he declined. She then called Judith,who came over. That friendship is growing a little.

It's a hell of a struggle just trying to get these folks to operate relatively sanely.

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