Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Miscellaneous notes...

Last night I woke with cramps in both thighs, that continued down my legs to my feet. I was able to stretch carefully and work them out without having to stand up, which I knew would be very painful. This morning my left leg is back to the "normal" flareup, not as painful as it was yesterday.

I offered my old desktop computer, minus hard drive & monitor, to a local freecycle group and immediately got several responses. I am giving it away this afternoon. Great!! Someone else can enjoy it! And it's out of my house!

There is a storm brewing. The wind is picking up and I am hearing about heavy rain headed this way. Haven't seen much other than light rain so far.

I am afraid I am getting addicted to the Sims. I was playing it for hours yesterday. I started it again this morning after I got dressed and reluctantly put it away so I could go to work. Yet I find myself thinking of the families I have created and what I need to do to get them functioning well:

The first family. HOrror story. Two of the three burned to death because they didn't have a phone, couldn't call for help, I didn't think of anything else to do (I could have moved the people!). The remaining member, Judith, keeps mourning and is so depressed and hungry and needy that I am not sure she will survive this.

The second family: Did better in outfitting the place, but there isn't room for a lot of things and I don't know how to add rooms yet. They are doing all right with money but after I got Judy (yes, I know) a job, she missed her ride because she wasn't dressed yet. These folks can be contrary. I think I need to add another dresser or two if I can fit them into the bedroom. I need to get them working! Need to have a steady stream of income. Maybe I'll add a computer so there will be better job searches.

Granny is still stuck on level 17.


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