Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


I slept pretty well last night but woke earlier than I wanted. I am now paying for it. SO tired. Joey and I had breakfast with Auntie Elaine, then stayed at her place for a bit while she went to see the realtor to put in an offer for a condo. I installed some programs I had brought with me so I can bring them home. Then we took off for a carwash. Heidi is happier now.

Home from there - Joey's home - where we made Halloween door hangers, using foam cutouts I had brought with me. Then the neighbors showed up. So here I am at the computer while Joey is playing a game in his room with his guests. I think these guest come here for his stuff.

I would love to take a nap. No chance.

We dropped Paul off at the headquarters on the way to breakfast and he's still there. I'll pick him up later.

Nap! I need one!

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