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Las Vegas

Paul and I landed in Las Vegas, at Mary's apartment, after one a.m. Thursday night (Fri morn). I was unable to sleep that night, got up early and Paul, Mary, and I did time at the Dem headquarters after Mary drove us all over hell and gone because she thought we were going somewhere else. WE had lunch together with Marty, went back to the headquarters, did a little more time. Neither Mary nor I wanted to do the phones, and that's what we were stuck with. Mary came up with the plan to put a large sign on Marty's fence, at his house, and she engineered that deal. We drove to Marty's, followed by a guy in a truck with the sign. We met Marty there, where we put this huge sign up. Too cool!

Then we drove past the house Mary and Marty are buying. Very nice. Not the newest or classiest place but decent, and the house is probably the nicest in the development. Nice large trees, corner lot.

We returned to the headquarters, picked up Paul, went back to Mary's place, then cleaned up and went to the debate party. Traffic was dismal and the place was way out in the desert.

The party was almost worth the trip! LOTS of people cheering and jeering through the debate. We had a large pile of nachos and each had three beers. It felt so good to be there. And again I feel good about Kerry.

So today back to the headquarters. I want to cut out earlier this time and go with Elaine to see the condos she is wanting to buy.


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Oct. 9th, 2004 03:07 pm (UTC)
re: debate - i loved how they kept cutting to shrub's face & those goofyass expressions of his - he's a moron who looks like a chump - er, chimp - or both!

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