Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Yesterday's headache was persistent. A couple of times at work I felt like leaving for home, as much because my stomach was upset as because of my head. Then, before the debate I tried to sleep a little, the headache surged when I got up, and I worried that I would be holding my head throughout the debate party. I took drugs three or four times during the day. I was okay for the debate party and after, when Paul and I watched the spin and yelled at the television. It was astonishing to hear Karen Hughes totally recreate the debate, with the help of several other right-wing nutcases.

Of course I expected that. Ultimately even Fox wasn't saying it was a huge victory for Bush. But they probably will move in that direction, gradually lead their watchers away, over the next several days. It's funny how the pundits and newscasters all now refer to the "spin room" yet represent that what they are doing, of course, is not spin.

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