Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I am proud of myself. I made two phone calls I have been avoiding. I called my cell phone company, trying for the second time to get some kind of break on my bill because it shot up overnight. Mary was talking too many minutes one month and suddenly I was facing a huge bill. This is the second time I have spoken to customer care at cingular and I got no satisfaction. I told them that this meant goodby, that I will be moving on to another company, and that didn't work. I meant it, fortunately. I did arrange to pay it off over time. Now the serious work of finding my new company begins.

Then I called an accountant. Arranged an appointment. This is the end of their tax year so they are busy so the appointment isnt' until Oct 20. Which is really okay. I will finish what I can on my returns and bring whatever I can with me. I can use the time.

I am angry at cingular for not giving me a break. I will deal with it by writing a long letter to them. I found their address through some company-find web site. At least I'll feel I have done what I can.

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