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The other day I learned that our Fire Dept secretary is a Bush supporter. I did not talk to her about it, just wondered why. I thought maybe because she's in fire and some emergency workers are under the misguided impression that Bush has done good things for emergency workers.

This morning we had an earthquake. Magnitude 5.9, centered in Parkfield, about 50 miles away, but there doesn't seem to have been major damage anywhere. Here at Pismo we felt the shaking - rather different from the usual - it went on for a while, seemed like someone was on the roof, some big thing. We stupidly went outside. A lot of people went outside. We hung around for a while, then came back in, and then there was a noticeable aftershock, not as severe.

Then the Fire Secretary sent an email.

She thought it was an opportune time to forward this mail, the "triangle of life" method for surviving an earthquake.

I found an article disputing the claims in the email and saying if you followed the advice in it you would likely be in greater danger. Clearly, our Fire Dept secretary had not checked out the facts in the email. I would guess that she didn't even run it by her fellow emergency workers, who probably would have raised an eyebrow at the suggestions in it. I responded to Michelle's email with the suggestion that folks look at the article.

I remembered that this was not the first time Michelle has forwarded warnings that were hoaxes or worse.

And then it came together. This tendency to believe questionable material is probably why she supports Bush. And the fact that she clearly doesn't check things out herself.


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Sep. 28th, 2004 04:01 pm (UTC)
I lived in California for 13 years...the last quake I felt was that one that hit SLO. But I was also there for the lovely Northridge quake and a few other fun ones.

I very clearly remember the years in elementary school of packing an "emergency kit" and being told to hide under my desk or in a doorway.

Ah, the good old days.
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