Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


A small group in this area, called "SLO County Veterans for Kerry", put out the call  to us Dems for packages for the troops in Iraq, a few days ago. I said I'd bring two. They are bringing the packages to a pro-war rally tomorrow afternoon, quietly. NO fanfare, just adding to the packages the "other side" is sending. It's an effort to help people recognize that we are not anti-troops, that we don't "hate America". By doing this quietly we don't want to draw attention, just do it.

I am bothered that this rally is tomorrow. It suggests that there is a connection between the Sept 11 attacks and Iraq. But I've managed to let that go.

I bought the stuff and packed the two packages I committed to. I have some stuff left over, am thinking I might go out and buy more stuff and make a third box. Maybe for a female.

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