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repetitive stress?

AFter work today I volunteered at Peg's office again. I remembered later that I first met Peg at the high school swimming pool, where I occasionally swam laps. She was there with her friend Penny, who was, I think, a councilmember at the time. Peg hadn't yet entered politics.

Today's workout was more envelope stuffing...but it advanced to sealing and stamping, too. Impressive. I spent almost three hours doing this. I talked a little with Peg's daughter Margaret, who apparently is in charge there. I asked her how things were going, how if "felt" to her. She said it felt like they were just staying even. That sounds like an honest response.

After leaving Peg's place I zipped home, changed shoes and pants, and headed out to hike the Stoneridge trail. Short trail, close to home, seemed about right. The light was of course starting to fade so I couldn't do a longer or farther-away hike. Right now it feels like I've done enough, even though I haven't done anything at home except eat a bowl of top ramen.  Well, that was okay, considering I was watching Faking It, the latest episode, where the management consultant learns to be a dog trainer. Not just any trainer, either, but a dancing type. The trainer and the dog do a musical routine together. Too damned hilarious, the whole thing, and the guy was just so nice. He had never had a dog before, much less trained one, and the dog was rescued, never had been trained.

What's especially cool is that although he was not able to keep the dog, he gets visitation! He visits Bobbie on weekends! I love it.


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